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With over twenty-five years of experience, CiyaSoft provided document analysis software products to support languages based on Arabic script (Arabic, Dari, Pashto, Urdu and Farsi, i.e. Persian). The peculiar characteristic of these languages defy most advanced Natural Language Processing techniques. Our years of research to overcome these peculiarities has produced sophisticated proprietary design tools, which CiyaSoft products rely on.

CiyaTran™--CiyaSoft's hybrid Machine Translation (MT) software--utilizes both Statistical (example-based) and Rule-based (Transfer/Direct) methods. The Farsi and Dari versions include a large corpus, accessible by our proprietary high-speed, high-accuracy, intelligent search, rendering automatic translation of text documents at 1,200 pages per minute.

By concentrating its resources to only support Arabic-script languages, CiyaSoft has been able to deliver robust, cost-effective, high-quality, customizable and trainable MT to government and commercial sectors in the US, Canada and Europe.

CiyaSoft received research grants from US Congress to develop Arabic Handwriting OCR.
CiyaSoft delivered MT to a major Federal research facility and two US intelligence agencies.
CiyaSoft starts joint venture with MMI and collaborative studies with NYU to enhance OCR and MT products.
CiyaSoft received a grant from US Army Battle Command Battle Lab to develop AH-OCR.

AH-OCR achieved 90% accuracy in limited domains and 55% in unlimited domains.
CiyaSoft provided Farsi/English MT to the Ministry of Defense of a European country.
CiyaSoft renewed Farsi MT contract with the Ministry of Health, Canada (2004 to 2014).
CiyaSoft won a one-year contract supporting bidirectional Dari/English MT with the US DoD and started enhancing CiyaTran™ to support Pashto.

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